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Housing Resources



Please use the following links to access the information you need. A printable brochure of this information is available by clicking here.


Finding an Affordable Home

First-Time Homebuyers
Moderate-Income Homebuyers 
Affordable Rental Housing
For Seniors
For People with Disabilities


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Help with the Costs of Your Current Home

Home Maintenance & Repair
Foreclosure Assistance
Lowering Your Utility Bills


Emergency Housing Assistance

If You Are Homeless or About to Lose Your Home
Relationship Violence & Sexual Assault Resources


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Other Resources

Information for Tenants
Fair Housing & Legal Assistance
U.S. Small Business Administration
Lease Enfranchisement Glossary
Complete Guide to Buying Your First Home

Finding an Affordable Home


First-Time Homebuyers


Homebuyer Assistance Program
Financial assistance offerred by the Easton Town government to help with the purchase of a home in Town.


Mortgage Options
A referral list and brief guide to excellent mortgage options for first-time homebuyers.


Home ownership information, including a guide to the home buying process, information on MassHousing loans for moderate income buyers, and an affordable housing search.


Neighborhood Housing Services of the South Shore
Brockton Office: (508) 895-1782
First-time homebuyer counseling and classes


Freddie Mac
Guide to buying a home, including information about mortgages, costs and ownership.


Veterans Affairs
Home loan programs for Veterans.


CHAPA - Homebuyer Classes & Counseling Services
List of organizations offering educational workshops and counseling to individuals and families interested in buying a home.


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Moderate-Income Homebuyers


Online listings of affordable homes for sale:


South Shore Habitat for Humanity
Information about entering a lottery for one of their affordable homes.


Pro-Home, Inc.
Schedule of seminars/programs. Offers: financial literacy programs; seminars on the homebuying process, safe & healthy homes; and counseling for first-time homebuyers, those facing foreclosure and landlords/tenants.


Home ownership information, including a guide to the home buying process, information on MassHousing loans for moderate income buyers, and an affordable housing search.


MHP Soft Second Mortgages
Information on low interest rate, low down payment mortgages for first-time homebuyers of low- to moderate-incomes.


USDA Rural Development - Direct Loans
Offers first-time home buyers assistance in the form of affordable mortgages and loans for home building and repair.


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Affordable Rental Housing


HUD - Affordable Apartment Search
Click for searchable apartment listings.


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South Shore Housing - Affordable Apartment Search
Click for searchable apartment listings. Or, call 781-422-4200.


Mass Access Housing Registry
Click for searchable apartment listings (select “South Shore” as the region to find nearby homes).


MassHousing - Housing List
Click for listing of affordable rental homes.


Affordable Apartments Search
Click for searchable apartment listings.


Easton Housing Authority
(508) 238-4747
Oversees Section 8, senior and disabled public housing in Easton.


For Seniors


Massachusetts Elder Hotline 
Information available on rental assistance.


Massachusetts Elder Affairs
List of facilities and resources for senior housing.


HUD Apartment Search
Searchable apartment listings (select "Elderly" as apartment type).


Easton Housing Authority
(508) 238-4747
Oversees Section 8, senior and disabled public housing in Easton. Operates Parker Terrace.


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For People with Disabilities


Mass Access Housing Registry
Searchable apartment listings (select “South Shore” as the region to find nearby homes; search for accessible homes under "Advanced Search").

South Shore Housing lists apartments available for rent and in the South Shore area, including Easton.


HUD Apartment Search
Searchable apartment listings (select "Disabled" as apartment type).


Fair Housing Accessibility FIRST 
1-888-341-7781 (V/TTY)
Offers comprehensive and detailed instruction programs, useful online web resources, and a toll-free information line for technical guidance and support. 


Massachusetts Office on Disability (MOD)
MOD provides technical assistance, trouble-shooting and advice on all disability related issues.


Independent Living Centers
Listing of independent living centers for people with disabilities.


New England INDEX
Information and assistance for people with disabilities.


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Help with the Costs of Your Current Home


Home Maintenance & Repair


Boston Building Resources
The co-op and reuse center provide high quality materials at a reasonable cost as well as instruction on home maintenance and improvement. Sells products in the areas of: window repair, kitchen and bath, windows and doors, storm products, weatherization, and green products.


Lead Paint Removal & Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention 
Program offered by the state Department of Public Health.


USDA Rural Development - Repair/Rehabilitation Grants & Loans 
Offers loans and grants to low income households for home repair and accessibility improvements.


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Foreclosure Assistance


Massachusetts Division of Banks Hotline
1-800-495-BANK (2265)
If you are facing a foreclosure in the next 7 days, the State Division of Banks can help you delay the foreclosure process until you reach a counselor who can help.


National Foreclosure Prevention Hotline
1-888-995-HOPE (4673); 1-877-304-9709 TTY
Assistance with mortgage refinances, modifications, reducing monthly mortgage payments.


Mass Attorney General's HomeCorps
(617) 573-5333
Assistance for Massachusetts residents facing foreclosure or who have lost their home to foreclosure.


SUN Foreclosure Relief Program
Offered by Boston Community Capital, available to Easton residents. Helps owners stop the eviction process and gain affordable ownership of their homes.


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Avoiding Foreclosure Resource Center
Guide to avoiding foreclosure.


U.S. Government Foreclosure Resources
Avoiding scams when seeking to refinance or stop a foreclosure: 


Neighborhood Housing
Nearby foreclosure prevention seminars and counseling.

**Financial assistance for homeowners who have lost their home to foreclosure** Click here.


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Pro-Home, Inc.
Offers counseling for homeowners behind on a mortgage or facing foreclosure.


South Shore Housing
Offers counseling for homeowners behind on a mortgage or facing foreclosure.


Foreclosure Counseling
List of all HUD-approved Massachusetts organizations offering foreclosure counseling.


Lowering Your Utility Bills


Information on energy efficiency incentives, including special programs for people at specific income levels.


Home Energy Saver Web Tool
The Home Energy Saver is designed to help consumers identify the best ways to save energy in their homes, and find the resources to make the savings happen.


Heating Oil Cooperatives

Oil cooperatives (co-ops) can save members money on their heating oil, services, and heating equipment. Co-ops supply members with heating oil for an average 10 to 20 percent discount. They may require a membership fee (averaging $5.00 to $25.00 per year) but may offer free membership to elders, persons with disabilities, or low-income households. Co-ops may also have options for members to set up payment plans and budget accounts with oil dealers. For further information, contact any of the following organizations:

Co-op Power
Mass. Energy Consumers Alliance


National Grid EnergyWise Program
National Grid’s EnergyWise service is available for customers living in multi-family buildings and condominiums. National Grid will provide services to the entire complex in coordination with the owner, property manager, or condominium association. Through this program, a facility may qualify for a free energy analysis, lighting system upgrades, insulation and air sealing, or other electric efficiency measures.


Self-Help Inc. 
Assistance in energy conservation including heating system upgrades and home weatherization.


Columbia Gas Home Equipment Rebate Program
Rebate information for money-saving energy efficiency upgrades.


Columbia Gas Financial Assistance
Low-income discounted gas rate available.


National Grid – Income-Eligible programs
Check for availability for reduced rates.


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Assistance with Utility Bills:


Self-Help Inc.(508) 588-5440; for people aged 60+ or with a disability, call Easton's Council on Aging at 508-238-3160.

Good Neighbor Energy Fund: Managed for everyone (regardless of age) by Easton's Council on Aging. Call 508-238-3160.

Citizens Energy Heat Assistance: 
Gas: 1-866-427-9918; Oil: 1-877-563-4645 

Masschusetts Cold Relief Hotline: 1-800-632-8175 

Massachusetts Utility Shutoff Protection: 1-877-886-5066 or (617) 727-8400

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Emergency Housing Assistance


If You About to Lose Your Home or Are Homeless

South Shore Housing
"RAFT" housing assistance program for people being evicted, in over-crowded housing, living in unsafe/unhealthy housing etc. CALL (781) 422-4200.


Housing assistance program for families in danger of becoming homeless.


Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless
Emergency homelessness resources for families, individuals and people who have experienced domestic violence.


Community Care Services
Offers housing placement services to help families transition from homelessness.


Homelessness prevention and sober housing resources.


Massachusetts DTA (Department of Transitional Assistance) 
(508) 895-7000 Brockton office; 1-800-445-660 Statewide hotline
Food and nutritional assistance, cash assistance, employment supports, emergency homelessness shelter.


Area Shelters
Samaritan House, Taunton 
(508) 824-6497
Providing services to homeless adults

The David Jon Lousion Child Center, Brockton
(508) 584-4315
Assistance for homeless children/families

Conway House, Middleboro 
508-946-8505 or 508-587-5441 
Advocacy; counseling by referral; emergency food, community kitchen; clothing; accessibility; medical care nearby; day program; transportation. Women and children only.

Mainspring House, Brockton 
(508) 587-5441 
Substance abuse counseling; 3 meals/day; clothing; accessible; medical care by referral; day programs; transportation; advocacy; Portuguese + Spanish; soup kitchen at shelter; nearby food pantries.


Relationship Violence & Sexual Assault Resources

A New Day 
(508) 588-8255 - 24-hour hotline – free & confidential counseling for all individuals impacted by relationship violence and sexual violence.


SafeLink Hotline
1-877-785-2020 - 24-hour domestic violence & sexual assault hotline (multi-lingual)


Massachusetts DTA (Department of Transitional Assistance) 
(508) 895-7163 Domestic violence support (Brockton office)


Family and Community Resources, Inc.

Crisis line: (508) 583-6498; TTY: 508-583-6498; Toll Free: 1-888-583-2045. Serves individuals and families whose lives are impacted by trauma at home, school or in their community. Offers SafeHome emergency shelter program.


Domestic Violence Shelters
Listing of domestic violence shelters in the region.


Gay Men’s Domestic Violence Project
1-800-832-1901 - 24-Hour Emergency Hotline, or email Emergency safe home & first/last month’s rent program. Also offers legal advocacy and court accompaniment, crisis intervention and safety planning, housing and employment advocacy, emotional support and support groups.


Hugs II - Easton 
(508) 230-3309 - Provides confidential assistance to those experiencing family violdence.


 Other Resources


Information for Tenants

Pro-Home, Inc.
Provides both tenants and landlords with information, counseling, advocacy, mediation, and referral.


For Tenants in Foreclosed Properties
Information provided by the Massachusetts state government.


Massachusetts State Sanitary Code
Minimum legal standards that must be met for rental units and owner-occupied homes.



Fair Housing & Legal Assistance

Practical information about housing-related legal rights. Offers information on searching for a home, affordable housing programs, tenants' rights, public housing and more.


Mass Legal Services
Directory of locally-available legal services programs. These programs help with housing and homelessness issues such as evictions, tenant/landlord disputes, and housing discrimination. Free legal advice, guidance, referrals, and legal representation, depending on need.


Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination 
State agency handing discrimination complaints.

Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office
The Attorney General’s Office reviews and responds to civil rights complaints alleging deprivations of, or interference with, civil rights and civil liberties.  The AGO may bring enforcement action, where appropriate, may mediate disputes, or may refer complainants to other resources. 


U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)
HUD enforces federal fair housing laws, including the federal Fair Housing Act. 


Disability Law Center of Massachusetts
The Disability Law Center of Massachusetts provides information, referral, technical assistance and representation regarding legal rights and services for people with disabilities, including access to community services, special education, health care, disability benefits, and rights and conditions in facilities.


Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders (GLAD)
GLAD has a legal information line that provides information and referrals for people with discrimination issues who identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, a transgender, or living with HIV/AIDS.


Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights 
The Lawyers’ Committee is a private, nonprofit, nonpartisan legal organization that provides pro bono legal representation to victims of discrimination based on race or national origin.


Greater Boston Legal Services
Greater Boston Legal Services provides legal assistance to low-income people in the greater Boston area, including assistance with housing, employment, health and disability, welfare, immigration, and elder and family issues.


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