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Fiscal Year 2017 Budget Season

Fiscal Year 2017 Budget Now AvailableFY Budget Cover

(Updated April 25, 2016) The Town of Easton has issued the second budget change memo (no. 2) for the FY2017 budget, which highlights the changes to the preliminary budget. Click here to access the memo.
The Town of Easton Fiscal Year 2017 Budget is now available. Click the photo cover to the right, or click here to access the full file (approx. 9 MB file size).

A reference copy of the budget is available for viewing in the Town Clerk's Office and at the Ames Free Library.

Fiscal Year 2017: Developing Two Budgets in Preparation for Override Election on June 7, 2016

Questions or Comments about the FY2017 budget? Contact Us!

Click Here to See All Current Reports, Memos, and Presentations regarding the FY2017 Budget
Override Calculator *NEW*
What Would an Override Mean for My Tax Bill?
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(Update: April 5, 2016) At their April 4, 2016 meeting, the Board of Selectmen voted to place two override questions on the ballot for a June 7, 2016 election. One question will pertain to an operational override in the amount of $4,416,617 and the other question will pertain to a debt exclusion override for the purposes of renovating the Frothingham Hall Community Center.

Final Vote of the Selectmen for Operational Override Ballot Question:

Shall the Town of Easton be allowed to assess an additional $4,416,617  in real estate and personal property taxes for the purposes of funding the school and general government operating budgets for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2016?

Total Operational Override Budget Requests:

Department Amount
Public Works $419,790
Police $220,938
Fire $102,169
Health and Community Services $30,820
Reserves / Structural Revenue Deficit $1,000,000
Schools $2,408,000
Employee Insurance $234,900
Total $4,416,617

Final Vote of the Selectmen for Debt Exclusion Override Ballot Question:

Shall the Town of Easton be allowed to exempt from the provisions of proposition two and one-half, so called, the amounts required to pay for the bond issued in order to renovate and expand the Frothingham Hall Community Center?

Fiscal year 2017 does not begin until July 1, 2016, but the Town has been hard at work on the coming year's budget since the fall of 2015. This is significantly earlier in the year than is typical, and is a result of substantial community input advocating for a Proposition 2 1/2 override for the FY2017 budget. Considering an override for the coming fiscal year requires significant work and review on behalf of elected boards and Town officials including, but not limited to:

     >Development of two budgets for fiscal year 2017; a balanced budget, and a budget contingent upon a successful override (following the approval of both Town Meeting and success at the ballot).
     >Review of both budgets by the Board of Selectmen, School Committee, and the Finance Committee.
     >Shifting the standard budget season calendar earlier in the year to allow for the development, presentation, and review of both budgets.

In accordance with the accelerated work schedule described above, the Town Administrator provided the Selectmen with a recommended schedule of meetings to review the FY2017 balanced and potential override budgets. The schedule was agreed upon by the Selectmen and is as follows:

January 25: Presentation of preliminary budget by Town Administrator (complete)
February 8 (RESCHEDULED TO FEBRUARY 11 AT 7:00 PM) Joint meeting of the Selectmen and School Committee for School Department budget presentation
February 22: Selectmen review budgets with department heads
March 7: Review School Department budget with Superintendent and School Committee - Review remaining Department budgets
March 21 [Frothingham Hall]: Joint Public Hearing with Finance Committee, continued budget review
April 4 [Frothingham Hall]: Selectmen conclude budget review and vote on override question [whether or not to put the question of an override on the ballot]
May 16: Annual Town Meeting to include balanced and override contingent budget
June 7: Override Election

Unless otherwise noted, all scheduled meetings will take place at the dates above at 6:00 pm in the Colleen A. Corona Board Room, 136 Elm Street, Easton, MA. Dates are subject to change. Official agendas will be posted in accordance with Open Meeting Law with the Town Clerk's Office.

The best way to stay abreast of public meetings and hearings on the budget is to sign up for email notifications with Minutes on Demand by clicking here.

Below you will find various budget documents and reports pertaining to FY2017. If you have any questions about the online documents available below, please contact Connor Read at

Town Administrator Budget Memos

Town Administrator's FY2017 Budget Message Update No. 2, Dated April 21, 2016
Presented to the Selectmen on April 25, 2016

Town Administrator's FY2017 Budget Message Update No. 1
, Dated March 21, 2016
Presented to the Selectmen and Finance Committee on March 21, 2016

PowerPoint Presentation - FY2017 Budget Message Update No. 1, Dated March 21, 2016

Presented to the Selectmen and Finance Comittee on March 21, 2016

Town Administrator's Preliminary FY2017 Budget Message, Dated January 25, 2016
Presented to the Selectmen on January 25, 2016

PowerPoint Presentation - Preliminary FY2017 Budget Message
Presented to the Selectmen on January 25, 2016

Other Fiscal Year 2017 Budget Documents, Reports, and Presentations


To access the Easton Public Schools FY2017 Budget Detail and Budget Summaries, as well as other School budget documents, visit the School Business Office Page by Clicking Here.

Documents Related to the Proposed Renovation of Frothingham Hall Contained within Proposed Override Budget for Department of Health and Community Services
>Frothingham Hall Renovation Presentation, Dated February 22, 2016 The preceding document was presented to the Selectmen on February 22, 2016, and sources data from a wealth of existing information regarding the needs of Frothingham Hall, which are provided below.
>Frothingham Hall Renovation Feasibility Study, Dated March 16, 2010

Pertaining to Health and Community Services FY2017 Override Request, a portion of which will cover the debt service for the borrowing associated with renovating Frothingham Hall. This study followed a public process wherein a steering committee commissioned architectural firm Childs Bertman Tseckares, Inc. (CBT) to produce a feasibility/ program study to determine possible renovations for Frothingham Hall to better meet the needs of our community.
>On June 21, 2010, the Board of Selectmen unanimously voted to approve proposed renovation "Option 3A" (beginning on page 57 of the study). Minutes from said meeting are available here.  A copy of CBT's presentation to the Selectmen on June 21, 2010 is available here.
>Frothingham Hall Cost Estimate, Dated January 24, 2011 Following the unanimous approval by the Selectmen for the Town to proceed with Option 3A outlined in the documents above, the Town engaged A.M. Fogarty & Associates, Inc. to develop a cost estimate associated with the project.

What Would an Override Mean for My Tax Bill?

In order to provide information to members of the public so that they may reach their own independent conclusions regarding a potential override, the Town has compiled the following reference materials and resources. Please note, all projected financial figures are based on fiscal year 2016 property values and the fiscal year 2016 tax rate - the most current numbers available. These numbers will allow a property owner to determine a rough estimate of the annual tax impact of a potential override, but they will not be exact. Any potential override will impact fiscal year 2017 property values and the fiscal year 2017 tax rate, both of which are not available today and therefore cannot be used for any such financial analysis. Before exploring the spreadsheets below, it may be beneficial to visit the Assessors' Online Property Value Database to confirm the valuation of your property.

Override Calculator Based on $4,416,617 Operational Override as Voted by the Selectmen on April 4, 2016  
Use the calculator below to estimate the tax impact of the proposed Fiscal Year 2017 Operational Override*
If you have any questions, contact the Assisstant Town Administrator's Office

1. Click this link to look up your Total Fiscal Year 2016 Property Value from the on-line database.

2. Search for your Property Address.

3. Enter your "Total Value", located in the last column
   into the form below, and click Calculate.

Enter Assessed Property Value: 
Estimated Override Impact: Monthly Quarterly Annual

* Estimates are based on Fiscal Year 2016 property values and are subject to change. Intended for informational purposes only.

Impact of Potential Override Amounts for Property Tax Bills: this spreadsheet has three important components; displayed in the vertical column on the left-hand side of the spreadsheet are property values for residential homes beginning at $100,000 and increasing to $950,000 in increments of $50,000. The top row lists various dollar amounts of potential overrides in $1,000,000 increments from 1 to 4 million and the respective impact (increase) on the property tax rate (fiscal year 2016). Beneath each potential override amount is approximate increase in a property's annual tax bill assuming a property value selected from he left hand column.

How is the Impact of Potential Override Amounts Distributed Amongst Easton Residents?: this spreadsheet takes the same data as above, but adds three rows representing the 51st, 75th, and 80th percentile property values in Easton. For example, the blue row beginning with $339,000 indicates that a $4 million override would add approximately $434 to the annual tax bill for properties valued at that amount. The 51 percent figure indicates that 51 percent of Easton property owners' property values are at or below $339,000. This means that a $4 million override would add no more than approximately $434 to the annual tax bill for a majority of property owners. As with the previous spreadsheet, these figures are based on current (fiscal year 2016) values and tax rates, and should be considered estimates for any real impact in fiscal year 2017.