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Information for Residents

Making Information Accessible

Welcome to the Town of Easton's website. Informed and engaged citizens are the cornerstone of representative government. The Town of Easton makes every effort to make local government information transparent and accessible for all of our residents. Below you will find summaries of the information available to you under the "Residents" navigation panel as well as our various communications platforms that we use to stay in touch with the public. If you are looking for information and are having difficulty finding it, please let us know so that we can assist you by emailing Michael Blanchard, Assistant Town Administrator, at

The "Residents" drop-down navigation panel above contains helpful information relating to:

Municipal Services: Do you need to sign up for trash and recycling pickup or report a pothole to the Town? Maybe you would like to pay a bill online or apply for permit? Make sure to check out the services available to you.

Voter and Election Information: Are you a registered voter? Looking for up-to-date information regarding upcoming elections in town? Visit our Voter and Election Information page.

Ongoing Projects in Town: Curious about the various development and infrastructure projects in town? Get information on them here.

Housing and Financial Assistance: This page has local, state, and federal resources for housing assistance and other financial assistance needs.

Town Governmental Information: Do you know when the next Town Meeting is? Are you looking for financial or budgetary information about the Town? Maybe you would like to serve on a board or committee? Navigate here for annual budgets, committee information, and the Town Charter.

To access any of these pages, please hover over the "Residents" tab and select a page from the drop down menu. If you have any questions about the information on these pages, please email Michael Blanchard, Assistant Town Administrator, at

Stay In Touch With the Town of Easton

Make sure to stay informed about timely issues in the Town of Easton by signing up for the Town Crier, following us on Facebook and Twitter, and registering for email notifications using our Minutes on Demand Service.

WEEKLY E-NEWSLETTER: To sign up for the Town Crier, click "Town Crier" on the left navigation panel or click here.

SOCIAL MEDIA: To visit our Facebook and Twitter pages, click the corresponding logos on the left navigation panel or click Facebook and Twitter.

EMAIL NOTIFICATIONS: To sign up for email notifications whenever minutes, agendas, documents, and forms are uploaded, click "Minutes, Agendas, Documents, and Forms" on the left navigation panel or click here.

VISUAL BUDGET: Visit Easton's financial transparency center, powered by Cleargov, to see where and how your tax dollars are spent!

TELEVISION: You can also watch Selectmen and other town board and committee meetings live, broadcast by Easton Community Access TV, on Comcast channel 9, 98, & 99 and Verizon channel 22, 23, & 24.

Above: Open Government - the Town of Easton's Website and Beyond 

Active and informed voters are essential to a well-run town.  We hope this information helps you stay in touch with the Town and hope to see you at our next Town Meeting.