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Public Records Requests: Records Access Officers

“An Act to Improve Public Records”, Chapter 121 of the Acts of 2016 made significant changes to the Public Records Law that took effect on January 1, 2017.   The Supervisor of Records has promulgated regulations 950 CMR 32 to implement the Public Records Law.

The Public Records Law creates a position called the Records Access Officer (RAO).  Regulations define the RAO as a governmental officer or employee within the municipality designated to perform duties described in 950 CMR 32 including:
• Coordinating a response to request for access to public records,
• Assisting individuals seeking public records in identifying the records requested,
• Prepare guidelines that enable requestors to make informed requests regarding the availability of such public records electronically or otherwise. 

The Town of Easton has appointed the following RAO’s:

Record Type / Email  RAO Name   Title  Address
 Town Offices  Danielle M. Sicard  Town Clerk  136 Elm Street, N. Easton
   Peter Van Der Hey  Records Manager & Compliance Officer  136 Elm Street, N. Easton
 Town Administration  Connor Read  Town Administrator  136 Elm Street, N. Easton
 Public Works  David Field  Director of Public Works  130 Center Street, N. Easton
 Water Division  John Marsh  Water Div. Operations Manager  417 Bay Road, S. Easton
 Fire Department  Kevin Partridge  Fire Chief  413 Bay Road, S. Easton
   Pam Berglund  Executive Assistant  413 Bay Road, S. Easton
 Police Department  Gary Sullivan  Police Chief  46 Lothrop Street, N. Easton
   Keith Boone  Deputy Chief  46 Lothrop Street, N. Easton
   Lee Harney  Executive Secretary  46 Lothrop Street, N. Easton
   Leslee Buckley  Administrative Secretary  46 Lothrop Street, N. Easton
 School Department  Dr. Lisha Cabral  Superintendent of Schools  50 Oliver St, N. Easton

Other Resources:
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Guidelines Appendix A – Town Offices Description of Public Records Maintained
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Public Records Request Forms and Questions can be emailed to