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Town Governmental Information

Governmental Structure

The Legislative Body

The legislative body of the Town of Easton is Open Town Meeting. All registered voters of Easton are able to participate in Town Meetings, which typically occur biannually. Town Meeting voters act on important matters ranging from the Town's annual operating budget to zoning bylaws. Click here for more information on Town Meeting as a form of government, click here.

The Executive
The executive authority of the Town of Easton is vested in a five member elected Board of Selectmen who appoint a Town Administrator to see to the day-to-day management and governance of the Town. Some of the Selectmen's responsibilities include: calling town meetings, calling elections, appointing employees, setting certain fees, overseeing certain volunteer and appointed bodies, and creating basic regulations. The Town Administrator is responsible for: supervision of all town departments and staff, public relations, preparation and execution of town budget, chief procurement officer, and more.

Administration of governmental functions is separated into departments such as: Accounting, Tax Collection, Assessing, Public Works, and more. To learn more about each of these departments, hover over the blue "Departments" tab and select one.

Financial and Budgetary Information

The Town of Easton publishes annual operating budgets, capital expenditure budgets, bond ratings, and more. Please click here to access this information.

Town Code and Charter

Many of the responsibilities of governmental actors in Easton are prescribed in Easton's Charter. Please click here to access the Charter and Code online.

Boards and Committees

The Board of Selectmen appoint a variety of volunteer boards and committees to assist with the governance of the Town. These boards include the Planning and Zoning Board and the Conservation Commission, among others. Please hover over "Boards and Committees" to learn more about Easton's volunteer boards.

Minutes and Agendas

The Town of Easton hosts minutes and agendas from all board and committee meetings online for the public to view at any time. Our 'Minutes on Demand' service allows residents to browse text-searchable PDF files of all minutes and agendas. All documents are searchable. Click on the left navigation button "Minutes, Agendas, Documents, & Forms" to access our files.