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Early Elementary School Debt Exclusion Election

September 23, 2019: Easton Early Elementary School Project – Project Budget, MSBA Reimbursement Rate, and Tax Impact Analysis Presentation
On September 23rd, Town Administrator Connor Read and Superintendent of Schools Dr. Lisha Cabral, presented a detailed analysis of the EES Project Budget and estimated tax impact from the proposed debt exclusion election.
Presentation Slides

Use the calculator below to estimate the tax impact of the proposed Easton Early Elementary School Debt Exclusion Election scheduled for November 5, 2019*

1. Enter your Assessed Value without commas or decimal points into the form below and click Calculate. If you do not know your assessed value, follow steps 2 through 4 below.

2. Click the "Easton Property Values" link to look up your Property Value from the online database. Easton Property Values

3. Search for your Property Address using the search bar in the top left hand portion of the screen.

4. Click your property on the map. Total value shown under "Valuation" is the Assessed Value

Enter Assessed Property Value: 
Fiscal Year Tax Bill: Estimated Rate Impact: Monthly Quarterly Annual
2021  $0.07       
2022  $0.36       
2023  $0.57       
2024  $0.90       
2025-2050**  $1.07       
* Estimates are based on FY2019 Tax Rate and assessed property values and are subject to change. Intended for informational purposes only.

** Bond term is estimated at 30 years [FY2021 through FY2052]. Debt payments and associated tax rate impact will drop off over the course of FY2051 and FY2052 to nothing by FY2053.

If you have any questions about this calculator, contact the Town Administrator's Office at 508-230-0512.

If you have questions about your property's assessed value, please contact the Assessors' Office at 508-230-0520.