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Easton Police Department Joins the Police Assisted Addiction and Recovery Initiative

The Easton Police Department is pleased to announce they have recently joined P.A.A.R.I. - The Police Assisted Addiction and Recovery Initiative.  P.A.A.R.I was started by Gloucester Police Chief Leonard Campanello to bridge the gap between the police department and opioid addicts seeking recovery. This initiative encourages opioid drug users to seek recovery, help distribute lifesaving opioid blocking drugs to prevent and treat overdoses, connect addicts with treatment programs and facilities and provide resources to other police departments and communities that want to do more to fight the opioid addiction epidemic. This program makes resources, funding, recovery programs and ideas available to local police agencies. 

In May, Kristin Harrison of Easton Wings of Hope invited representatives from the Arlington police department to introduce the program to Chief Sullivan, Deputy Chief Boone, Town Administrator David Colton and Selectman Dottie Fulginiti to speak about ways that Easton could provide outreach to the community. “This is a great step forward in sharing resources with other communities to bring forth new programs that are well suited for our community,” said Kristin Harrison, “I am happy to see the Town of Easton and the Police Department joining this critically important initiative”.

Those seeking help for themselves or their family members can reach out to the Easton Police and they will be assisted by outreach specialists to assist in providing the proper resources. “We want members of the community who are struggling with addiction to know we are here to help”, said Police Chief Gary Sullivan, “this is a problem that we can better address when working together with community partners like Wings of Hope, and I’m excited to join Chief Campanello in this cause”.

Those wishing to contact the Police Department can contact the non-emergency line at 508-230-3322. More information about Easton Wings of Hope can be found on their website at