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October 6, 2017 is National Manufacturing Day.

Easton has been home to manufacturing operations throughout its history, most notably the foundries that were located in south Easton and the Ames Shovel Works complex in the north part of town. Today over forty manufacturing businesses operate in Easton; and while most are located in the Easton Industrial Park off Belmont and Washington Streets, some, like North Easton Machine have operated quietly in remote areas of town.

Modern manufacturing looks much different than it did even twenty years ago. Most of the machinery is computerized and floor operations are clean and set up to ensure worker safety; and many are producing specialized products.

You can learn more about modern manufacturing. North Easton Machine is hosting tours on Friday in celebration of National Manufacturing Day. Stop by for a tour of the shop floor at located at 218 Elm Street from 1PM – 3PM and learn how this particular manufacturing facility is supplying the world with machine components in a variety of industries including medical device, aerospace, and oil/gas exploration. To learn more about Easton’s Industrial Park, read the Industrial Park Study conducted by the town in 2014.