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Proposition 2 1/2 Override Information Page

(update - June 9, 2016) The Special Election for both Operational and Debt Exclusion Override questions took place on Tuesday, June 7, 2016. A sample ballot is available here.

Both the Operational Override and the Debt Exclusion Override questions failed. Results are available here. 

About this PagePages from FY2017_Override_Contingent_Budget_PresentationFIXED

Following Town Meeting's approval of Article 14: FY2017 Operating Budget Contingent upon Passage of an Operational Override, this webpage was created as a central hub of existing information relating to the proposed operational (and debt exclusion) override. This page contains helpful resources pertaining to the proposed override budget, as well as general information relating to the process of passing an override in general. If you have any questions about the information on this page, please contact Assistant Town Administrator Connor Read at (508) 230-0512 or  

To view the full presentation, discussion and vote on Article 14 as recorded by ECAT at the Annual Town Meeting on May 16, 2016, please click below.

To view information more broadly pertaining to the FY2017 budget, including all presentations, reports and memos, please visit our Fiscal Year 2017 Budget Webpage.


Questions & Comments about the FY2017 override contingent budget? Contact Us!

At their April 4, 2016 meeting, the Board of Selectmen voted to place two override questions on the ballot for a June 7, 2016 election. One question will pertain to an operational override in the amount of $4,416,617 and the other question will pertain to a debt exclusion override for the purposes of renovating the Frothingham Hall Community Center.

Final Vote of the Selectmen for Operational Override Ballot Question:

Shall the Town of Easton be allowed to assess an additional $4,416,617  in real estate and personal property taxes for the purposes of funding the school and general government operating budgets for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2016?

Total Operational Override Budget Requests:
The below is a summary of departmental override budget requests.  For more detailed explanations, please see the PowerPoint presentation delivered to Town Meeting on May 16, 2016 in regards to the override contingent budget.

Department: Amount: Purpose:
Public Works $419,790 (2) new positions, increased roadway maintenance funding, increased building maintenance funding.
Police $220,938 (3) new Police Officers [(1) Detective, (1) House Officer, (1) Impact Shift Officer].
Fire $102,169 (1) new hire - Deputy Fire Chief.
Health and Community Services $30,820 Approx. (1) 1/2 time position to improve service delivery to Veteran and Senior populations.
Reserves / Structural Revenue Deficit $1,000,000 Eliminate reliance on stabilization fund to balance budget, improve financial health to begin the process of rebuilding reserve funds.
Schools $2,408,000 (33.6) new positions - see School Department budget presentation for more.
Employee Insurance $234,900 Health insurance associated with the additional employees added in operating budgets.
Total $4,416,617  

Final Vote of the Selectmen for Debt Exclusion Override Ballot Question:

Shall the Town of Easton be allowed to exempt from the provisions of proposition two and one-half, so called, the amounts required to pay for the bond issued in order to renovate and expand the Frothingham Hall Community Center? 

What Would an Override Mean for My Tax Bill?

In order to provide information to members of the public so that they may reach their own independent conclusions regarding a potential override, the Town has compiled the following reference materials and resources. Please note, all projected financial figures are based on fiscal year 2016 property values and the fiscal year 2016 tax rate - the most current numbers available. These numbers will allow a property owner to determine a rough estimate of the annual tax impact of a potential override, but they will not be exact. Any potential override will impact fiscal year 2017 property values and the fiscal year 2017 tax rate, both of which are not available today and therefore cannot be used for any such financial analysis. Before exploring the spreadsheets below, it may be beneficial to visit the Assessors' Online Property Value Database to confirm the valuation of your property.

Override Calculator Based on $4,416,617 Operational Override as Voted by the Selectmen on April 4, 2016  
Use the calculator below to estimate the tax impact of the proposed Fiscal Year 2017 Operational Override*
If you have any questions, contact the Assisstant Town Administrator's Office

1. Click this link to look up your Total Fiscal Year 2016 Property Value from the on-line database.

2. Search for your Property Address.

3. Enter your "Total Value", located in the last column
   into the form below, and click Calculate.

Enter Assessed Property Value: 
Estimated Override Impact: Monthly Quarterly Annual

* Estimates are based on Fiscal Year 2016 property values and are subject to change. Intended for informational purposes only.

Town Manager TV: Override Budget Episodes

In order to provide useful information on the overridge contingent budgets in a variety of formats, Town Administrator David Colton has been working with ECAT to produce an episodic roundtable series where residents have the chance to ask Department Heads about their proposed FY2017 Budgets. Published episodes are avialable below. A final episode highlighting the DPW override budget will be filmed on May 25th and uploaded as soon as it is available.

FY2017 Override: School Department

FY2017 Override: Improving Our Reserves

FY2017 Override: Public Works

FY2017 Override: Police and Fire Department